Teddi Does Key West

Teddi in the Florida KeysI was thrilled when mom told me that I was going to get to go to Key West with her this year.

Key West is totally cool. I get to wear my pretty pink dress and the rainbow boa I got from Mom’s trip to San Francisco. Teddi dressed for Key West (c) Trish RileyEverybody there loves me, and they dig my fancy clothes, especially the drag queens. I’ve met lots of dogs in Key West. Teddi sniffing stuffed petsIt’s a great walking town and everyone’s out for a stroll and a sniff. Teddi's Key West stroll and Sniff (C) Trish RileyMom always finds cool old houses where we can stay. Last time we stayed at Ambrosia, a collection of several old houses with courtyards and pools. Waiting out the hot tub was trying. Teddi waiting out the hot tobu at Ambrosia, Key West. (c) Trish RileyThere’s a Grey Cockatiel who lives in a cage in the lobby. He wasn’t too impressed with me, but he told me about a couple of other dogs staying there when I was there, and he advised me to try to sip Mom’s tropical daiquiris if I got the chance. He was pretty cool but I felt kinda sorry for him because he was stuck in that little cage. I barked at him a bit to try to get the innkeeper to let him out, but it didn’t work.

So we hiked all around town all day, even though it was hot as hell.

Stay tuned for more on Key West – I’ve got lots of tales to tell…..

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