Dog Takes Wild Flight in Owl’s Talons | Audubon Magazine Blog

Whoa – this is crazy! Teddi and Bunny had a brush with owls just last week. I let them both out on the deck when we first woke up at dawn. As I made coffee, I heard Teddi barking and I heard owls calling, so I hustled back to the deck… Teddi had come inside but Bunny was still out, and a pair of big barred owls were overhead, one perched right above us then the other swooped over to join it. I lured Bunny in with some treats, then went back out and told those owls to leave our little ones alone! We’re pretty sure that Teddi saved bunny from being swept away. Sadie was not so lucky, but she’s safe after a two-mile flight:

“Sadie, a petite-sized Pomeranian, landed next to a Davenport street last weekend after surviving a flight of about two miles, clutched in the talons of a great horned owl.”

via Dog Takes Wild Flight in Owl’s Talons | Audubon Magazine Blog.

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