Teddi is Heading to the Top of the World!

At least her world…. I’m planning a trip to Glacier National Park and I’m factoring Teddi into the plan. She’s 12, and she’s fed up with me traveling the world without her to offer her perspective. I want to give her this chance to weigh in on the state of the glaciers in north America, and we’ll also visit Rachel and Stella in Portland with Alex, which Teddi should certainly have the chance to do. In the past few years, Teddi has dealt with several health issues. She’s been dogged by allergies in our humid Florida clime, and she’s also had to cope with a nasty cough caused by intubation during a lousy surgery that left her with tracheal collapse. it’s a common occurrence with small dogs, but Teddi was hit with it early as a result of her surgery. She deserves to get out there and enjoy life while she still has the chance. So we’re off… Teddi is about to see the top of our world and to help me assess the status of North American Glaciers at Glacier National Park. Send your love our way!

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