Cat Declawing Banned In Beverly Hills, LA

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Well, what a bright idea! Declawing in considered comparable to chopping off people’s fingers at the first knuckle. And people wonder why their declawed cats become angry and refuse to use their litter boxes after being mauled and injured so traumatically! Cutting off ears and tails for human convenience and display are also horrific practices. The vets who support this are only padding their pocketbooks. Three cheers to Southern California for recognizing that mutilation is inhumane!

Two Southern California cities have voted to ban the declawing of cats, joining San Francisco and Santa Monica which recently outlawed the practice.

The Beverly Hills City Council voted 5-0 Tuesday night to approve a declawing ban, except in cases of medical necessity.

The California Veterinary Medical Association opposed the declawing ban, saying pet owners should be responsible for declawing decisions in consultation with their vets.

via Cat Declawing Banned In Beverly Hills, LA.

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