Meet our crazy cat, Bunny


For some weird reason, Mom and Rachel decided we needed to let this crazy little terrorist cat live with us. Rachel’s friend Grace found her in a parking lot, just four weeks and all alone, buggy, fleabie, licey, wormey, starving…. just gross. They took her to the vet and they fixed her up, then Rae asked Mom if she wanted to keep her. Mom said she’d always wanted a Manx cat – did I mention that she only has a little puff of a tail and she has these really long, strong back legs so she hops around? Yeah. So even though Stella just hissed at the poor little thing all the time and i tried to scare her by snapping at her, she just followed us around constantly, jumping at us and batting us and she throws her arms around my neck and pulls me down to the ground all the time. Stella moved out with Rae, and she’s happy and cozy with her mama all the time now. So it’s just me and the terrorist, Bunny Butt. She is kinda cute…

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